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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions





Date: 15 – 18 February 2024

LOCATION: Expo City Dubai, UAE



1.1. The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as „GTC”) apply to the sale of Products and Services, to the organization and conduct of UNTOLD DUBAI FESTIVAL (hereinafter referred to as „the Festival”, „UNTOLD Festival” or „the Event”), organized by UNTOLD EVENTS L.L.C., an entity established under the laws of UAE, having license number 1102119, having its correspondence address at 3F-07 Al Safiya Building, Hor Al Anz, Dubai (hereinafter collectively referred to as „the Organizer” or „UNTOLD”).


1.2. The Product Buyer and Participant declares to have read and understood and undertakes to comply with the GTC, the Privacy and Cookies Policy accessible on the Site and condition of entry at Expo City (accessible on


1.3. GTC are valid indefinitely. The Product Buyer and Participant agree that UNTOLD has the right to unilaterally amend these GTC, without need for previous notification. Should the GTC be amended, the respective amendments shall take effect immediately after publication on the Website. UNTOLD stipulates that the GTC can be amended after the purchase of the Product. UNTOLD recommends Participants to monitor the changes to these GTC. 



2.1 During their use in this document, the defined terms have the meaning agreed in this section, unless they are otherwise defined in this document: 


Order Confirmation: a document or notification that serves as proof of the purchase and outlines the details of the Order;

Pass/Ticket: shall refer to any form of paid or complimentary entrance voucher or method of measuring and controlling entrance whether a physical printed pass, voucher, pass, or an electronic form of pass such as a unique bar code, QR code, reference number which identifies the holder as having an Order Confirmation or been given permission to access the Festival;

Wristband: a certificate applied by UNTOLD when validating a Pass and certifies that its holder has the right to enter the Festival; It is also a special payment instrument within the Festival; 

Product Buyer: the person who receive an Order Confirmation, document which later becomes a valid Product for the Festival;

Order - the request to purchase the Products available on the Website or related Contractual Partners and completed by paying the Price;

Duration of the Festival: the duration of any Festival that corresponds to the period of time between the beginning  - 15.02.2024 - and the end of the Festival – 18.02.2024;

Festival: The UNTOLD Dubai Festival, made up of all the performing arts programs - music, entertainment and culture, established by the Organizer and hosted by Expo City Dubai;

Expo Citymeans the owner and authority of the venue in Dubai, UAE, where the Festival is due to occur;

Contractual Partner: an economic operator or other natural/ legal persons who carries out independent commercial activities, based on a contractual relationship with UNTOLD;

Check-in:  a procedure that connects the Product Buyer with the Ticket, prior to entering the Festival, that can be done online or at the location;

Participants: all persons participating at the Festival;

Goods: the elements and the rights with pecuniary value that can be purchased form UNTOLD or other Contracting Partners within the Festival or in connection with it, as well as any vouchers or other similar means that can be offered in exchange for them;

Products: Passes/Tickets and any other Services provided by the Organizer, available on the Site or related Contractual Partners.

Site/Website: shall refer to UNTOLD website and the online sales portal or any other electronic Websites or domains provided by UNTOLD for news about Festival and the sale of Products;

GTC: These General Terms and Conditions governing the conduct of the Festival, available both on the Site (as defined above) and at the Festival Area entrance;

Third parties: individuals and legal entities other than UNTOLD and Participants;

Festival area: any of the locations where the Festival takes place;

VIP Area: specially designed area in the Festival with premium options and services.



3.1. GTC will apply to all Product Buyers and Participants at the Festival. It is the Product Buyer and Participant responsibility to read, understand and comply with these GTC. 


3.2. GTC should be read in conjunction with the Privacy and Cookies Policy and Terms & Conditions of Expo City, accessible on the Expo City website The GTC will be posted on both the website and at the Festival entrance. A brief summary of GTC is found on the Order Confirmation.


3.3. These GTCs present the rights and obligations arising from receiving an Order Confirmation, buying Products and participating in the Festival and the relations established between Untold and the Product Buyer and Participants.


3.4. By receiving an Order Confirmation; buying Products; participating to the Festival, the Product Buyers and Participants accept and agree to the compliance of:

  • these GTCs and any accompanying obligations and responsibilities. Any Product Buyer and Participant who breaches these GTC may be liable for legal action, refusal of entry to the Expo City and/or expulsion from Expo City.
  • the security arrangements, notices, requests or announcements displayed or given by the Police, Security Personnel or agents representing any of the Associated Entities, including, without limitation, all directions or notices relating to access and security at the Festival;
  • all laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates;


3.5. Product Buyer and Participant agrees to indemnify the Organizer and/or Expo City for any and all damage, loss, liability or injury that those parties suffer or may suffer as a result of Product Buyer and Participant failure to comply with these GTC.




4.1. Product Buyers will be able to purchase Products by paying the Price, online by bank card on the Site or through our Contractual Partners. 

The Products will be sold on Location or Online (on the Site), by the Contracting Partners (as this right is transferred by UNTOLD). All payments are made through the Site or Contracting Partners. The organizer guarantees only the validity of the Products sold through the networks of these Contracting Partners or on the Site. 

Additional information regarding the detailed conditions applicable to the purchase of Products online or in physical format will be provided by our Contracting Partners when purchasing the Products.



4.2  Participation at the Festival shall be made by using one of the following types of Passes:

  1. General Access Pass – grant the Product Buyer access to the Festival for the entire duration, starting from the first day,  until the end of the Festival (daily from 16:00 P.M. until 05:00 A.M. ).The General Access Pass does not grant entry to the VIP Area.
  2. VIP Pass – grant the Product Buyer access to the VIP Area of the Festival for the entire duration of the Festival, starting from the first day, until the end of the Festival (daily from 16:00 P.M. until 05:00 A.M. ) and other premium services like: special VIP expedited entry; Prime view towards Main Stage from an elevated platform; bottle service option; dedicated refreshment points; access to exclusive VIP hospitality services & areas. The Product is available and can be purchased for the customers over the age of twenty-one (21)!



PASSES AND SERVICES - All the Products in this category are available and can be purchased for the customers over the age of twenty-one (21)! The purchased order cannot be returned


  1. Golden Zone with 10 VIP Passes - 4 nights - grant the Product Buyer a premium position on the VIP Area for the entire Festival duration, up to 10 VIP Passes, drinks package and concierge services included.
  2. Golden Zone with 10 VIP Passes - 1 night - grant the Product Buyer a premium position on the VIP Area for one night of the Festival, up to 10 one day VIP Passes (that secure Participant’s access to one day of the Festival), drinks package and concierge services included.
  3. Silver Zone with 8 VIP Passes - 4 nights - grant the Product Buyer a table reservation in the VIP Area (better view then the Bronze Zone) for the entire Festival duration, up to 8 VIP Passes and drinks package included.
  4. Silver Zone with 8 VIP Passes - 1 night - grant the Product Buyer a table reservation in the VIP Area (better view then the Bronze Zone) for one night of the Festival, up to 8 one day VIP Passes (that secure Participant’s access to one day of the Festival) and drinks package included.
  5. Bronze Zone with 6 VIP Passes - 4 nights - grant the Product Buyer a table reservation in the VIP Area for the entire Festival duration, up to 6 VIP Passes and drinks package included.
  6. Bronze Zone with 6 VIP tickets - 1 night - grant the Product Buyer a table reservation in the VIP Area for one night of the Festival, up to 6 one day VIP Passes (that secure Participant’s access to one day of the Festival) and drinks package included.


SERVICES - All the Products in this category are available and can be purchased for the customers over the age of twenty-one (21)! In order to benefit from Services, the customer must have a valid VIP Pass or a day VIP Pass for the Festival.


  1. Regular High Table - 4 nights – grants the Product Buyer a table reservation (high standard table with capacity of 4 seats) for the entire Festival duration, starting from the first day,  until the end of the Festival, drinks package; VIP Pass not included and must be purchased separately.
  2. Regular High Table - 1 night - grants the Product Buyer a table reservation (high standard table with capacity of 4 seats) for one day of the Festival, drinks package; VIP Pass not included and must be purchased separately.



  1. Hotel Rove Expo 2020 - 6 nights/ 2 GA Passes - grants the Product Buyer accommodation for 6 nights between 13.02.2024 – 19.02.2024 in a double standard with NO view to the Al Wasl Dome, for 2 persons (breakfast included) at the Rove Expo 2020 Hotel and 2 General Access Passes.
  2. Hotel Rove Expo 2020 - 6 nights/ Al Wasl Dome/2 GA Passes - grants the Product Buyer accommodation for 6 nights between 13.02.2024 – 19.02.2024 in a double standard with view to the Al Wasl Dome, for 2 persons (breakfast included) at the Rove Expo 2020 Hotel and 2 General Access Passes.
  3. Hotel Rove Expo 2020 - 6 nights/ Al Wasl Dome/2 VIP Passes - grants the Product Buyer accommodation for 6 nights between 13.02.2024 – 19.02.2024 in a double standard with view to the Al Wasl Dome, for 2 persons (breakfast included) at the Rove Expo 2020 Hotel, 2 VIP Passes - over the age of twenty-one (21) - and other premium services like: special VIP expedited entry; Prime view towards Main Stage from an elevated platform; bottle service option; dedicated refreshment points; access to exclusive VIP hospitality services & areas - over the age of twenty-one (21).


The accommodation and travel Services will be offered in collaboration with our contractual partners and will be made available on the Site. Additional information regarding the detailed conditions applicable to the purchase of this Services will be provided by our Contracting Partners when purchasing the Services.


Product Buyer of the accommodation and travel Services must also respect the rules and regulations of the purchased accommodation place.


4.3.  The Organizer provides a limited number of VIP Passes, VIP Experiences and accommodation and travel Services.

Important! Access of persons under 21 years of age in the VIP area is strictly prohibited. All Product Buyers must comply with the age conditions mentioned in the GTC for the purchased Product. The Organizer has the right to replace the product that is not compliant with the age conditions (mentioned in these GTC) with one for which the Product Buyer meets the age conditions.

4.4. Contractual partners operating VIP platforms have the right to request minimum consumption for certain areas on the platform. 

4.5. The timeline and programme of the Festival shall be announced by the Organizer closer to the Event.



4.6. An Order Confirmation will be provided to the Product Buyer after a successful Order via email. It is the Product Buyers responsibility to: a) provide with a working, correct email address and b) to check their Inbox for the email containing the Order Confirmation/Product. The Product will be sent to the Product Buyer, by the same email address as the Order Confirmation, prior to the Festival start date.


4.7. Upon purchase and receipt of your Order Confirmation or Product, please check it carefully as mistakes cannot always be rectified. The Organiser will not issue duplicate Order Confirmation or Products.


4.8. No refunds, cancellations or exchanges are available after an Order has been made and it has been confirmed. The Products are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged unless the Festival is canceled, or postponed. No refunds shall be given if Product Buyer is in breach of these terms, if the Product is void or entry is refused based on the Product Buyer’s own behavior.

If applicable, refunds shall be made on the original mode of payment excluding delivery charges.


4.9. Each Participant is solely responsible for complying with all immigration, customs and legal requirements of any relevant authority for entry into the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai (including, but not limited to, obtaining an entry visa or permit of any kind). In relation to the Festival, no exchanges, refunds or replacements of Products will be given to a Participant for failure to comply with such requirements or his or her inability to obtain (or his or her denial, cancellation, expiration or revocation of) an entry visa or permit, for any reason whatsoever. Each Participant is advised to review all immigration, customs and legal requirements for entry into the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai prior to purchasing any Product(s) for Festival.

4.10. One Pass provides access to only one person in the Festival. Order Confirmations are nominal and they can not be transferred. 

4.11. The Organiser reserves the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programs. Ticket(s) are valid for the designated Festival area and the participation in the entire Festival day and not to a specific show/artist.

4.12. Each location, within the perimeter of the Festival, has a limited capacity and access may be temporarily restricted to meet the safety regulations in force. 

4.13. Standard Passes can be modified into VIP Passes with the payment of a price difference, within the limits of the available stocks. 

4.14. In the case of the Price payment in EURO, the reference exchange rate is set at 1 EURO = 3,8 AED; and in USD, the reference exchange rate is set at 1 USD = 3,6 AED.

4.15. The Organizer reserves the right to change the exchange rate and the price of Products without the need for prior notification. Changing the Product price does not apply to those items that were already purchased at the time of the change.

4.16. The final price paid by the Product Buyer will consist of the base price of the Product and value added tax.

4.17. Support: For any questions or unforeseen situations that arise, the product buyer can contact us at the email address: [email protected] .



4.18. Products purchased from sources other than Site and Contracting Partners are at the Product Buyer's own risk and may be invalid. Beware of forgeries. 

4.19. It is strictly forbidden to sell or buy products and it is not recommended to buy products or services except through the official website or authorized sales platforms. 

Failure to comply with these provisions will result in the cancellations of the commercialized products and the prohibition of access to the Festival by the responsible persons. 

Also It is strictly forbidden to transmit or post a unique series of the pass and / or order confirmations on social networks or other websites of this kind (e.g Facebook).



The Organizer reserves the right to resort to legal means to sanction those who will be found to carry out such activities, as well as to cancel the respective Products.


4.20. Products may be used for commercial purposes, such as for organizing promotional campaigns, offering passes as prizes for competitions, etc., only with the prior written consent of the Organizer. Failure to comply with this obligation will lead to the cancellation of Products used for commercial purposes and oblige the persons responsible to repair the damage thus created. At the same time, the organization of promotional campaigns by using Products, without the prior written consent of the Organizer, constitutes the infringement of the intellectual property rights regarding the UNTOLD Brand. 



5.1. In order to be granted access to the Festival Area, the Organizer may impose certain obligations before the Festival entrance as Check-in procedure through which Product Buyer will have the obligation to make the Check-in procedure for the purchased Pass. The Product Buyer can check-in using two options: online or on-site (at the location).

5.2. The check-in may include the scanning of the identity document (identity card / passport). Attention!!! the scanning will be done only partially, being collected only data consisting of: name, first name, sex, country / place of origin, date of birth, nationality, and photo on the identity document, without the retention of data such as: personal numeric code, serial number and bulletin number or any other sensitive data. For more details on the personal data that are processed by the Organizer please read our Privacy and Cookie Policy. 


5.3. On-site check-in (at the location of the Festival). 

5.3.1 The on-site Check-in will be carried out by the on site Contracting Partners of the Organiser, who use the infrastructure and their own staff. The personal data collected for on site check-in are those mentioned in the article 5.2.

5.3.2. On-site Check-in will be possible every day of the festival at the hours announced by the Organiser.

5.3.3. If the Product Buyer does not wish to have his identity document scanned, an operator will record the data provided by the person concerned, based on the identity document originally present on the spot. 

5.3.4. Each Product Buyer who checked in and showed up at the Festival entrance Zone, receives a wristband (whose color is according to the type of the purchased Product) to which the data collected in the process of check-in is attached. After performing the process of changing the Ticket with a Wristband, Wristband will confer the rights and obligations provided by the Ticket. 


5.4. Check-in online 

5.4.1. The Online Check-in is a process of registration / assignment of a valid Pass in an account created by the Product Buyer, through the site or the Untold application and the provision of personal data request for this purpose. The personal data collected for online check-in are those mentioned in the article 5.2.

5.4.2. To carry out online check-in, the holder of a ticket must create an account on the UNTOLD website/app (Check-in Online area), entering the email address and a password. To create the account, the ticket holder must use the same email address that they used when purchasing the ticket(s).

5.4.3. After successfully completing the data, the user will receive an e-mail to the entered address, in order to validate his account. After validating the account, the user must log in to the Check-in platform. After successfully logging into the Online Check-in platform, the user will be shown all the tickets he has purchased. The user will have to select the ticket for which he is going to perform the Online Check-in.

5.4.4. After selecting the ticket, the user must upload a photo (ID type) and fill in the following identification data: name, surname, phone number, gender, date of birth, country and nationality.

5.4.5. At the time of Online Check-in, the Product Buyer is solely responsible for the correctness of the data entered. 

5.4.6 If the Product Buyer has purchased several Passes and wants to check in for the other Passes  as well, he can do so by entering the data of the people who will use the Passes for each Pass separately. The buyer of group Passes is directly and solely responsible for the correctness of the data entered and will obtain consent from each person for whom they do the Check-In that they have read, understood and agreed with GTC and regarding the Privacy and Cookie Policy.

5.4.7. Untold will register the Product Buyer’s wristband, during the entrance procedure, provided that he has validly checked the Ticket (online or at the entrance). 


5.4.8.  Wristbands are non-transmissible. 

5.4.9. Product Buyer have the obligation to wear the Wristbands, for the duration of their validity, on the wrist or, in exceptional and well-justified cases, in another visible place, provided that the Wristband cannot be removed without being damaged. 

5.4.10. The Product Buyer is fully responsible for any damage or loss of the Wristband. 

5.4.11. Damaged bracelets, which have been resealed or cut, whose locking system has been opened, those with a diameter larger than the wrist or in which they have intervened, are NOT valid, and the organizers reserve the right to retain them in this way, to deny people access to the festival and to claim the situation of the competent authorities. 

5.4.12. Untold will not replace the damaged or lost Wristbands unless the Participant can prove that proof of purchase, of the ticket, correlated with that Wristband legally. Participants who cannot make this proof lose their right to be in the Festival Area, being excluded from it. 



6.1. Entrance to the Festival is possible only through the established date of the Festival, exclusively for the Participants. 

6.2. Access to the Festival Area will be made according to the type of Product purchased. 

6.3. In order to reduce the congestion created in the access zone, as well as the discomfort of the participants, two entries per day will be allowed to the festival. 

6.4. The Participants have the obligation that, besides the Product, they have identity cards on them.  At the request of the security team or representatives of the Organizer or other competent authorities, the Participant has the obligation to present the access documents and identity documents. 

6.5. In order to ensure the safe running of the Festival, Untold reserves the right to restrict the type of objectives and devices that may be brought to the Festival area. 

6.6. Therefore, it is forbidden to enter the Festival with the following objects: 

  • Drugs
  • Bottles (including perfume or deodorant bottles);
  • Inflammable cosmetic products (beach cream is allowed);
  • Backpacks or bags larger than 29cm x 21cm x 12 cm ;
  • Beverage cans;
  • Canned ;
  • Fireworks;
  • Lasers;
  • Sprays;
  • Banners supported by sticks;
  • Chairs;
  • Knives, weapons, blunt objects;
  • Chains;
  • Pyrotechnic articles;
  • Food or drink;
  • Animals;
  • Umbrellas (in case of rain it is recommended to use pilgrims);
  • Flammable or explosive materials;
  • Professional cameras or videos, including any type of DSLR camera or removable lens;
  • flags of any kind, symbols or any other national records related to festival or other countries, with the exception of the United Arab Emirates (UAE);
  • Any kind of objects that may injure other Participants.


This list is not exhaustive, as the organizer has the right to prohibit access to the festival insofar as the object owned by the participant could endanger the safety of other participants or would present a danger to the safe conduct of the event. 


Access is allowed with: 

  • Compact cameras;
  • Lighters;
  • GoPro cameras;
  • Selfie sticks (small in size and made of light materials);
  • External batteries.


6.7. Access with: prescription medicines, insulin, drops - medical use, asthma inhaler spray is allowed only if they are accompanied by a medical letter or any other document replacing it and in the maximum amount recommended daily. Please check UAE’s oficial website to look up the medicines that are permitted to be brought to Dubai. If there is a medicine that you must take along, do not forget to also carry its prescription.

6.8. Due to the strict rules regarding the prohibited objects, the persons responsible for security and monitoring of the Festival will thoroughly search each Participant and any prohibited objects discovered after the verification will be stopped at the gate, without the Organizer assuming responsibility for them. 

6.9. All Participants are advised to consult the list of prohibited objects and not to hold such objects in the Festival. 

6.10. Regarding the lost objects, the Organizer will arrange a special Lost&Found place where such objects can be brought and from which each owner can recover his lost goods.

6.11. The organizer has the possibility, to photograph the lost objects and to expose them on social networks, as the case may be, insofar as this action would not violate the legal norms regarding the protection of personal data. 

6.12. After the first day after the end of the Festival, all unclaimed items will be handed over to their issuers (for example: identity card, birth certificate, etc. to the attention of the Police; bank cards to the issuing bank’s attention). Objects without identifiable issuer, regardless of value, will be donated for charitable purposes, as far as possible and depending on the nature of the objects. 

6.13. The Organizer is not responsible for the goods of the Participants or for any damage caused to them. 

6.14. Entrance by car, rollers, skateboards, bicycles, hoverboards and other similar goods is forbidden in the Festival Area. 

6.15. For the convenience of the participants, the Organizer reserves the right to temporarily stop access to certain areas, if he considers that the areas have reached their maximum authorized capacity. 

6.16. Some areas at the Expo City may be exposed to direct sunlight and/or heat. Each Participant is required to take appropriate care for their wellbeing including appropriate hydration and sun protection.



7.1. Participants under sixteen (16) years of age are required to have:

  • a valid ticket over the age of (7) and ID
  • download and have at the entrance the Parental Consent completed and signed by his or her parent or guardian or by an adult age 21 or over;
  • must be accompanied and supervised during the Festival, by his or her parent or guardian or by an adult age 21 or over.

7.2. Participants with ages between (16)- (18) years of age:

  • have a valid ticket and ID
  • download and have at the entrance the Parental Consent completed and signed by his or her parent or guardian or by an adult age 21 or over.


7.3. An adult is required to assume responsibility for a minor and is required to complete and sign the “Parental Agreement” available at, without which the minor will not be allowed to enter the Festival Area, regardless of whether or not he has an attendant. 

7.4. The responsible person will provide in the Parental Agreement contact details to which he can be contacted in emergency cases. 

7.5. The Organizer assumes no responsibility regarding the verification of signatures, respectively the way of signing the declarations, these aspects remaining in the burden / responsibility of the persons presenting the statements. 

7.6. All participants under twenty-one (21) years of age will receive Wristbands of a different color, which will allow them to be easier to identify. 

7.7. Each Product Buyer acknowledges at the time of Product purchase that Participants under twenty-one (21) years of age may not be permitted to enter certain areas of the Festival as determined or advised by UNTOLD in its absolute discretion.


7.8. The accompanying parent/adult must also:

  • be in possession of a valid Pass for himself and the minor over five (5) years of age;
  • be responsible for the care, conduct and supervision of such minor persons at all times; 
  • at the request of the persons responsible for security and monitoring, as well as of the representatives of the Organizer to present documents that attest the minor’s age and the Parental Consent.


7.9. The accompanying parent/adult hereby represents that he/she has consented to the minor’s participation and/or attendance at the Festival and accepts these GTC for itself and that minor. The adult/parent takes full responsibility for the minor.

7.10. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes is forbidden to minors under twenty-one (21) years of age.

7.11. In some areas of the Festival, the access of minors under 21 is strictly forbidden (for example : VIP area). 

7.12. Due to the very loud noise produced  during the Festival, the Organizer does not recommend the presence of children under 7 years old at the Festival. 

7.13. Minors under 4 years old must wear antiphonal headphones. 

7.14. The Organizer will not be held responsible for any incident or accident concerning minors or persons with disabilities. The entire responsibility for them belongs to minors / persons with disabilities and / or parents / legal representative or caregiver.  

7.15. The Organizer draws the attention of the parents / legal representative or persons exercising parental authority to the fact that they have the obligation to supervise the minor and will be held liable for any damage resulting from non-compliance with this obligation. 



8.1. In the Festival Areas, visitors have the obligation to refrain from all actions, statements or behavior that may endanger the life, health or physical integrity of other persons or which may violate their personal rights. 

8.2. In the Festival Areas, participants must have a conduct cultural appropriate with behavior. Any form of economic, commercial or advertising activity in the Festival Area – including in the area in front of the Festival gates – is prohibited without the prior written permission of Untold. 

8.3. The sale of alcoholic beverages must comply with the provisions of the law, and so such drinks may not be offered or buyed to minors under the age of 21 by any Participant or by any seller within the Festival. 

8.4. There will be designed areas for smoking inside the festival grounds. Smoking in any other area is prohibited. 

8.5. The use of substances qualified as drugs is banned in the festival area and is punishable by law. The organizer reserves the right to cut and deactivate the wristband of the participant who violates this provision, to remove it from the festival premises and to no longer allow it access, requesting the intervention of the competent authorities. 

8.6. UNTOLD reserves the right to introduce a system at the Festival where alcohol can be offered to the participants only if they present a certification or an act stating the right to consume alcohol (e.g the identity card certifying his age). 

8.7. Any demonstration of any kind, including related to the Festival organized by UNTOLD, regardless of the number of participants, is prohibited, unless Untold has given prior written approval in this regard. 

8.8. In the Festival Aresit is forbidden to wave flags other than the flag of the Unitated Arab Emirates (UAE).



9.1. For security reasons, the Festival Area is supervised with video cameras of the location by the Contracting Partners of Untold.  By buying a Pass and participating at this Festival the Participant explicitly gives his consent for this processing of personal data taken over the surveillance video cameras from the Festival Area.

9.2. The categories of personal data processed, the means, the purposes of the processing, as well as the entire policy of UNTOLD regarding the processing of personal data are found in the Privacy and Cookie Policy available on in the Privacy Policy section. 



10.1. In the Festival Area there will be points from which the Participants may buy Goods made available by the Organizer. 

10.2. Upon entering the Festival Area, each Participant will receive for access purposes a Wristband (with the integrated payment system) with which the Participant can purchase the Goods available within the Festival. In the Festival Area payments in cash are strictly forbidden, except for the Credit Points areas previously established by the Organizer. In the Festival Area the participants have the obligation to use only the payment methods and instruments established by the Organizer.

10.3. The procedure regarding transactions in the electronic system during the Festival is as follows: 

a. Upon entering the Festival Area, after obtaining the Wristband, it is recommended that each Participant go to one of the Credit Points installed inside the festival to load his Wristband with credit points.

b. The Wristband (with the integrated payment system) will be the only payment method within the Festival.

c. The conversion for this MPV (multi-purpose voucher) is 1 AED = 1 credit point.

d. For each top-up, the Organizer has the possibility, but not the obligation, to hand to the Participant a proof for the amount deposited on the Wristband.

e. Damaged Wristband can be disabled and replaced with other bracelets at the Help Desk – Credit Point, for the entire duration of the Festival.

f. After obtaining a new Wristband from the Help Desk – Credit Point, the amount held by the Participant on the damaged Wristband will be transferred to the new one.

g. The participants have the opportunity to load their Wristbandas many times as they wish.

h. The participant has the right and the opportunity to check the amount available on the Wristband at any Contract Partner in the Festival Area or at any Credit point.

i. Wristband loading / reloading can be done either by cash or bank card.

j. At the first payment made with the bank card, the security code 3D Secure will be requested. If the first payment is authorized, the subsequent payments can be made without the 3D Secure security code.

10.4. The payment method for the Goods offered in the Festival Area will be through the multipurpose vouchers used by means of payment devices (RFID), made available by Untold.

10.5. The issuance of a fiscal voucher and / or an invoice for the purchased Good is in the responsibility of the merchants, our Contractual Partners. If a Participant wants a tax invoice for the Goods purchased during the Festival, he / she has the obligation to keep all the tax receipts from each trader (Contractual Partner) in order to then request the subsequent tax invoice from the respective Contracting Partners. 

10.6. The Purchase procedure of  Goods from Traders (Contractual Partners): 

a. The Participant chooses the desired Goods and then the respective Contracting Partner checks the credit amount in the POS.

b. Each Participant has the obligation to verify the amount introduced by the contracting Partner in the POS and after the verification the Participant will reach the chip on the Wristbandthe POS for making the payment – contactless card-reader terminal.

c. The Contracting Partners will issue tax receipts to the Participants (and invoices, at the Participant’s request).


XI. REFUND - Refund of the money left unspent on the Wristband, at the end of the Festival

11.1. The REFUND process represents the action whereby a Participant recovers his remaining money from the Wristband, under the conditions imposed by the Festival are met. 

11.2. The unused amounts on the RFID Wristbandcan be exchanged for money, through the process called REFUND, if all the conditions imposed by the Festival are met. 

11.3. Refund can be done only online for all the transactions. The refund will be made on request, by completing a form by the Participant. The refund will be made approximately 14 days after the form is completed, on the bank account . 

11.4. The participants are obliged to correctly complete the form and to verify the data completed. 

11.5. The Organizer is not responsible for the refund if some of the information is not valid. 

11.6.!!!The Refund Form can be completed until the date subsequently announced by the Organizer (19.02.2024-23.02.2024). Any request received after this date will not be considered by the Organizer. In this situation, the Organizer cannot be held guilty for not refunding the Participant, being the exclusive duty and obligation of the Participant to respect and address the request for refund within the time granted by the Organizer. If the Participant does not make the request within this time limit, he / she is the only one responsible for the non-refund of the money, the Organizer being free of any responsibility for such action. 



12.1 Given the size of the Festival, the Organizer shall take the appropriate measures so that the Participant are informed on the prevention and protection measures and activities in the Festival Area. 

12.2 Everyone must behave in a civilized manner towards the other Festival Participants. 

12.3 To the extent that the Organizer considers that one Participant endangers the safety of the other Participants or creates a situation of discomfort for them the Organizer has the right to retain the Participant’s Wristbandand to request the assistance of the Police to escort that Participant out of the Festival and not to allow him/her back into the Festival. 

12.4 The Participant voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incidental to the Festival whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the actual Festival, including but not limited to any accident, death, personal injury, war, loss or damage to person or personal property. The Organisers shall not be liable for such incidents sustained during the Festival.

12.5. Participants acknowledge the potential risk of contracting COVID-19 (or similar). The Organisers shall not guarantee that the Festival area is or will remain entirely free from COVID-19 (or similar). Participants assume full responsibility for any losses or damages incurred in relation to COVID-19 (or similar).



13.1  By purchasing a Product the Product Buyer agrees to be photographed, filmed or recorded by the Organizer, the venue management or any third party operating on the behalf of the Organizer at the Festival or at the immediate surroundings of the entrance to the veqnue. Furthermore, by purchasing a Product the Product Buyer waives all rights in any photographs, video or audio recordings of you at the Festival or the immediate surroundings of the entrance to the venue (the “Recorded Material”) made by the Organizer, the venue management or any third party operating on the behalf of the Organizer. You hereby agree that the Organizer, the venue management or any third party operating on the behalf of the Organizer may use such Recorded Material in any way they deem fit, without restriction, approval from, or recompense to, you.

13.2. The Organizer holds the rights of image over the entire Festival and may use the photo and video images taken both by its own staff and by the participants, in various materials made during the Festival. 

13.3.  Participants acknowledge that Untold, its contracted Partners as authorized by Untold, associates, members of the press, other Visitors and other Third Parties may produce sound and image recordings of the Festival. Therefore, Participants, by purchasing a Product and virtue of their participation in the Festival, grant to the Organizer, the permission of the recording and publication of their image, appearance and actions according to the article 13.1.

13.4. The Participants expressly note that Untold may: 

i. record the Festival, the concerts and any programs within the Festival 

ii. copy the recordings and distribute them on image-bearing media, any broadcast them or otherwise make them public and may do so in a manner repeatedly including by informing the public about the Festival, concerts and programs, by means of cable data transmission or by any other means (i.e through YouTube), so that members of the public can individually choose the place and time of access.  

13.5. Visitors do not have the right, within the limits of legal provisions, to make claims against UNTOLD regarding the recordings and their publication as described above.

13.6. Visitors cannot, without prior consent from UNTOLD, sell, use for commercial purposes, use for free, identify Visitors appearing in the respective recordings without their consent, or violate the personal rights of other Visitors.

13.7. The Organizer reserves the right to designate areas/locations where photography/filming is prohibited. In case of non-compliance, the Organizer has the right to delete the respective recordings.


14.1. Untold makes no warranty regarding the possibility to enter at the Festival at a desired time or of the possibility to attend the concert in time or of the quality of enjoyment, and explicitly excludes reimbursing the Product price, granting a further reduction or payment of any damages or compensations. 

14.2. Untold reserves the right to modify, restructure and further develop the Festival, the Services and Products offered within the Festival, at its choice. Participants have no right to make any claims against Untold in respect to these modifications, restructuring of further developments. However, Untold will make every effort to provide the programs and Services previously communicated and, if their offering becomes impossible, to replace the canceled program or the Service previously communicated with another program or Service. 

14.3. Untold has no obligation to cancel the Festival in case of adverse weather, however, if the authorities request the suspension or closure of the Festival for reasons of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, the Festival or part thereof will be canceled / suspended and the Organizer cannot be held liable for this closure/ suspension. 

14.4. In case of cancellation or postponement of the Festival the Organizer, will refund the Product price paid by the Buyer within 30 days from the date the cancellation was announced. 

14.5. The value of the purchased Product will not be refunded in case of cancellation or postponement of the Festival of the Festival by the Organizer for causes that fall under force majeure or that are due to any unforeseeable circumstances. 

14.6.  Changing the location of the venue in the same geographical area is not a reason for any refund of the Product price. The dates of the festival can be unilaterally modified by the Organizer in case of unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure without any obligation to reimburse the Product price to the Product Buyer.

14.7. In the event of the death of the Product Buyer, the Event Organizer will refund the value of the Product paid provided that the applicant presents the supporting documents proving the event (for example, death certificate). 

14.8. Participants expressly note that they may also purchase Goods in connection with the Festival, which are offered by other Contracting Partners, and both by Untold. In such cases, the contract is concluded directly between the Participant and the Contracting Partner, and the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship apply exclusively to the Participant and the Contracting Partner. 

14.9 Untold does not assume responsibility for damages arising from or suffered in connection with the purchase or use of Services and Products provided by Contractual Partners or for damages of any nature suffered by visitors as a result of participating in artistic moments or subsidiary activities within the festival.

14.10 Participants will enter the Festival exclusively at their own risk, being liable for damages suffered by them or caused to other participants in the Festival premises. Untold will only be liable if the respective damages are caused exclusively by Untold and could not have been avoided by the Participant by taking due diligence in this regard.

14.11 Untold is not responsible for any damage that may occur outside the Festival Area or on the way to or from the Festival Zone, as Untold may be held solely responsible for the damages occurring in the Festival Area, if the conditions set out in the present T&Cs are met. 

14.12 Untold has the right to terminate with immediate effect the legal relationship with the participant (having a Pass or wristband) who has violated any provision of the present GTC in connection with the Festival. In such a case, UNTOLD may invalidate the participant's pass or remove his or her wristband, and the participant will be forced to leave the Festival. 

14.13 The Participant consents to be granted the medical treatment that may be deemed advisable in the event of an injury, accident, or illness during the Festival and completely exempts from liability Untold and all the persons involved or providing such medical treatment from all responsibility for any such actions. In the Festival Area, first aid and medical services will be provided on a continuous basis. Untold is not responsible for the way these services are provided. 

14.14.During the Festival, there will be various high intensity light shows and pyrotechnic effects which may harm children or epileptic persons. 

14.15. Participants with mental or physical illnesses and those who may be affected in any way by loud noises, special visual effects, crowded areas, special sound effects or the like shall be fully liable for the damage they may incur. 

14.16. The participants assume full responsibility for the ability to participate physically / mentally in various activities within the Festival. 

IMPORTANT! We recommend carrying out specialized medical checks before participating in activities that require a high level of effort. 

14.17. Organizer shall not be liable or hold responsibility for Product, Product sales or Festival, except for the Product's stated price and associated service charges. By agreeing to GTC and purchasing a Products to the Festival, the Products Buyer acknowledges and agrees to limit the Organiser's liability to the value of the purchased Product in accordance with this clause and not hold the Organiser responsible for any incidents beyond the expressly defined liabilities herein. Product Buyer waives all and any claims against Organiser with respect to the Festival or purchase of Products and does so at Product Buyer sole risk, liability and expense.



15.1. Untold shall have no liability, of any kind, for: 

a. any kind of damage (directly or indirectly) resulting from the use or inability to use the information presented on the Site in connection with the Festival;

b. any kind of content errors or omissions that may cause harm.


15.2. Untold may, without any prior notice, delete, change or add any piece of information on the Site, suspend any activity on the Site, and if there are references to other websites, Untold does not guarantee and/or confirm in any way the kind of information which may be found on such websites. 

15.3 Untold is not liable either for the comments posted by the users on the Site. The liability for any piece of information, data, text, photographs, graphics, etc. on the Website is held by the person/entity from whom they originate. Under  these  circumstances,  Untold cannot guarantee the content of the Site including, without limitation, truncated, incomplete or erroneous information or any consequences of the use thereof. 

15.4 Untold offers no guarantees whatsoever with regard to the fact that the Site shall run uninterruptedly, safely and error free. The Site can be interrupted by its owner or administrators at any time, without prior notice, and no claim whatsoever may be raised by its users. 

15.5. If you are under 21, you are considered a minor (Children) and therefore must ask your parent or guardian before you utilizing the website.

By submitting information and/or utilizing our Site, you are confirming that you are over the age of 21, or have received the consent of your parent or guardian.



16.1. Everything posted on the Site, as well as on various kinds of media in the Festival Area, such as, without limitation, images, texts, graphics, symbols, logos, databases, etc. shall be the property of Untold and/or its Contracted Partners. All of the above shall fall within the scope of intellectual property laws. 

16.2. Participants and Third Parties may not use, copy, distribute, publish or incorporate in other documents or materials such markings/information in any form for the purpose of generating revenue without the express and prior written permission of Untold and/or and its Contracted Partners. 

16.3. The images, logos, texts of Untold’s Contracted Partners belong to them and are reproduced on the Site or in the Festival Area with their approval. 

16.4. Untold shall endeavor to identify the unaddressed messages received on the Site, by recreating the direct link to the source or by mentioning the persons listed on this Site, but it cannot always guarantee the existence of the reproduced source. 



17.1. In order to use the Site, the users agree to provide accurate information on themselves, as specified in the user registration section, and agree to provide this information correctly and completely. 

17.2. Any attempt to provide false information, to access the personal data of another user, to amend the Site contents or to affect the performances of the server hosting the Site shall be considered an attempt to fraud the Untold systems and shall lead to immediate blocking of Website users’ access. Also, Untold reserves the right to inform the competent authorities of this attempt. 



18.1. Untold, at its sole discretion, shall determine the conditions for carrying out promotions on the Website, under the law. The promotions, raffles and competitions shall be carried out for a limited period and shall expire automatically on the date indicated for each and every promotion, raffle or competition. 

18.2. Any promotion, raffle or contest may be discontinued or canceled at any time without prior notice. However, all participants will be notified of the interruption or cancellation. 



19.1. This GTC shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates as applied in the Emirate of Dubai. Any disputes arising hereunder shall be referred exclusively to arbitration by a single arbitrator in the English language under the rules of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre with its seat in Dubai, UAE.



20.1 These GTC, representing the Contract between the Product Buyer/Participant/Third Party and the Organizer.

20.2. The name of the chapters and the sub-titles are for reference only and should not be taken into account in the interpretation or construction of these GTC

20.3. If any of the clauses in this GTC are declared null and void, the rest of the clauses will continue to produce their effects, and the clause declared null or unenforceable will be replaced by a new clause that reflects as closely as possible the will of the Organizer. 


The "General Terms and Conditions - UNTOLD DUBAI FESTIVAL" was updated on 01 February 2024 regarding aspects related to the organization of the 2024 edition of the Festival.

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